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Mission Statement

“To establish ourselves as the premier provider of the finest printing in our region, while maintaining our uncompromising principles of good service and community development.”

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What We Do

Well, it’s actually quite simple. We are obsessed. And not obsessed with just anything, but obsessed with printing! We have assembled the finest team of printing experts

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High Standard of our Printing Services

Everything we print is fully guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, whatever the reason, return it to us for a reprint, a credit, or a refund.

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TNH Printer: The Leading Digital Printing Press in Pakistan


Looking cautiously round, to ascertain that they were not overheard, the two hags cowered
nearer to the fire, and chuckled heartily.

TNH Printer: The Leading Digital Printing Press in Pakistan

The One-Stop Shop for All Your Printing Needs

Welcome. Today businesses are producing great designs with the help of graphic resources at hand. These designs look great when presented on a fancy laptop but seem rather dull and boring when printed. Reason? Slow and outdated printing machines, pixelated printing, incompetent team and much more. At TNH we ensure that we effectively cater to all your needs by providing you print solutions keeping your preferences in consideration. Our multitalented team has over 2 deacdes of vast experience and in all these years we have evolved from a simple printing press to one that is now entertaining clients all over the country. We have been able to recognize digital printing as not just a business but an art and therefore have devised a simple yet yielding system which allows us to move step by step towards our final product.

Our innovative process involves three major steps which include Pre-Press, Press and Post-Press. These stages and the process involved in each of them is almost obvious and understandable by name. Pre-Press lets us assess us the consumer’s needs, the final product’s specifications and the target market. Our team contacts the client if they need any confirmation or have any query about the product needed and clear the air so there are no confusions and inaccurate products at the end of the production cycle. In the second stage titled as Press we print the desired product while our printing team remains under scrutiny by our quality control team to ensure the product being printed is according to what was discussed in the earlier stage. In the final stage we sit down with the client, deliver the product and ensure customer satisfaction. We believe in service after service and in the final stage we note down customer review and feedback to help us in our future projects.

So why include these steps? Because it lets us keep track of important factors such client communication and customer satisfaction. TNH is aware that every client’s product is a unique one which will be according to the client’s and the client organization’s unique demographics. Since we understand each project as an exclusive hence we also accept each client’s needs as different and diverse.

TNH believes in strictly following the principles of cost effectiveness, timely completion and quality assurance while keeping all these factors integrated and distant at the same time. By integration we simply mean creating a product achieved by an amalgam of these 3 characteristics of TNH’s policy. However by keeping them distant TNH points to a fourth and very important principle of No Discrimination. Quality is of course of our number one priority but in the course of completing a project in a timely manner we do not rush things. Budget constraint is an important check for clients at times but the constraint of cost does not put a limit on our product’s quality.

We design products keeping in mind our client company’s demographics such as location and target market. TNH respects cultural boundaries and general heritage of any given location. We acknowledge the fact that minute cultural differences and societal norms make a huge impression in the mind of general population which are the potential target market of our customer. Our team conducts research and eliminates any such factors that could lead to political, social or societal unrest in the mind of any potential consumer.

TNH believes in continuously investing in technological resources. The world is a tech hub these days and there is no place for people, vendors and businesses alike who do not value the timely expiration of old and up gradation to newer more efficient technologies and machinery. We share this belief with modern business entities and emphasize on the factor of upgrading our machinery as soon as newer machines get available. We have a large set of machines at our warehouse which print material at different qualities, cost and time frames, each providing a unique output. If desired customers can come visit, see the result of each machine and selected the wanted output quality and cost preferences accordingly. Better technology means superior color quality and faster print rate.


Our services include but are not limited to certificate printing, letterhead printing, corporate envelope printing, label printing, sticker printing, ticket printing, calendar printing, wedding card printing, birthday card printing, T-shirt printing, mug printing, P-cap printing, pen printing, USB printing, mouse pad printing, wooden card holder printing, wooden pen holder printing, keychain printing, diary printing, offset printing, flex printing, sign board printing, LED board printing and more.

The industries we serve include but are not limited to automobile, confectionery, education, electronics, fashion, clothing, entertainment, media, food, hotel, restaurant, IT, communication, Medical, Real Estate, Civil, Travel, LifeStyle and many more.

TNH is green company which promises to play their role of corporate social responsibility and aid in keeping our workplace and the earth clean and a healthy place to live in. In addition we take pride in our employees’ health and guarantee the promise of a clean and healthy workplace to our team members.

We welcome to place to initiate business with us; whether it’s a tiny sticker or a high cost premium designed magazine, rest assured we will own your product.

TNH Printers: The leading digital printing press of Pakistan looks forward to get to know you and building a long term relationship with you.

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