Assignment CT scan technology


The technology is selected in the field of medical is CT scan. A ct scan is the computerized tomography that is used for the purpose of x-ray in which a detailed image inside the body is shown with the help of computer. Cat scans is also called ct scans. Cat stands for computerized axial tomography. The process of how ct scans works. The body is lie down on the bed and then x-ray rotating on the body that determines the inside information of the body. this report made by Top Academic Tutors.The body is constantly stimulated through the rotating beam of x-ray. The image is produced by the computer when x-ray received the detector through the opposite of the human body. Ct scan is different from MRI scan because in MRI the whole body is pushed inside the tunnel to capture the inner side of the human body’s. CT scan gives the more detail information inside the human body called tomography and is much better that standard x-ray. CT scan gives the information of blood vessels, organs and tumors. CT scan is more advance technology than standard x-ray. Approximate time taken by CT scan is about five to ten minutes to scan the body which real painless for the body.(Dr. Mukesh K Goyal, 2009)

CT scan is the term that describes the imaging. There are many doctors and hospitals use the CT scan technology to foster the operations of the hospital’s. CT scan gives the information about blood clots, cancer and sign of heart diseases.

Demonstration of CT scan:

To identify and demonstrate the CT scan many doctors are easily see the technology of ct sacn, which is the most populous in the medical field. With the help of CT scan, doctors look clear picture of human body and easily identify the disease. Ct scans are often using to determine and monitor the evaluation of pelvis, chest, brain, neck, sinuses, abdomen and spine. Ct scan is also fin in the outpatient offices and in hospitals to early identification of disease. (, 2013)

Safety of CT scan:

In discussing about the safety of CT scan is to determine the internal effects of the human body and slightly effect of radiation is inserted to identify the problem. Ct scan is the safe for the treatment process and gives clearer picture about the disease than any other scanning test.(, 2013)

Diagnosis the early stage:

Ct scan is very helpful to diagnosis the early stage of different diseases that are occurring due to many factors. It is very widely known technology that is used for many doctors to determine and understanding the inner position of the patient. A ct scan is used to develop the examination and identification of the human body that have injury due to accident or might be trauma.  (Brown, 2011)

Benefits of CT scan:

Ct scan is used for the beneficial for health disease removal in early stage. Brain tumor and internal organs injury, kidneys and lever body conditions are easily identifies the critical situation. Now the advance form of CT scan is used to clear image of inside the heart position and gives the outcomes before the big operation. Ct scan is helpful for the future treatment like radiotherapy and biopsy. Biopsy is the medical term that is use to analyze  the tissues of the human body by taking a small sample but with the help of ct scan it is already determined and not incur biopsy.(Brown, 2011)

Results of CT scan:

The results of CT scan are given in few weeks. The data taken by radiotherapy to precede the information in system that might takes few weeks to give the results. Therefore, the patient has to be for the results and not get the results immediately. By analyzing each, every aspect that is determined by radiotherapy then the information is process in the computer, which is taken by doctor to examine the position of the patient.(Dr. Mukesh K Goyal, 2009)

Risks of a ct scan:

There are certain risks of CT scan that produce dangerous radiation and affect the human body badly. The radiations are delivering in the human body in the form of x-ray. Millisieverts (msv) that is the unit derived from the radiation and CT scan have of different types and have different amount of millisieverts.(Brown, 2011)

Radio logistics and radiographers:

The department of radiology determines the imaging in the x-ray, which describes the whole picture and information inside the human body. The radiology includes many terminologies like ct scans, x-ray itself, MRI scan and ultrasound scans. Doctors are too much trained and experienced in radio logistics department to run the activities of scans that are usually interrelated with x-ray.(Publications, 2003)


Thus to sum up all discussions it can be say that radio logistics plays a vital role in scanning all equipments. However, one of the major things in this department is CT scan that identifies the disease and have clear picture of inside the human body. Ct scan is different from MRI scan because in MRI the whole body is pushed inside the tunnel to capture the inner side of the human body’s .Ct scan is helpful to determine the patient effectively to recommend the early stage process and identify the potential recommendations for further treatment.


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