Custom Boxes

Foot Lock Trays

Description The foot lock trays are considered as the best for the display of the food products, such as, the bakery products to display the freshly baked cookies, the cupcakes, muffins and many other bakery baked products. These may also be used for the apparels and the garment display at the shopping malls and the [...]

Custom Boxes

Four Corner Trays

Description When you have to display something which require the wide space to pack and display some products which are light in weight but need the more space in the trays for the sales promotion, custom four corner trays are used. The corners of the four corner trays are folded inward, making the corners of [...]

Custom Boxes

French Fry Boxes

Description For the supplies of the freshly baked and warm French fries, the popular styled retro style French fry boxes are applied. Different food chains, the French fry bakers and the restaurants applies the different styled French fry boxes for serving or supplying the French fries in different styles.  For the deliveries and supplies of [...]

Description To pack and sell the products which are a little heavier in weight, special type of the packaging boxes are required. For the purpose, the full flap auto bottom boxes are applied, the bottom of which locked, automatically, when the products are inserted or packed in these boxes. After insertion, when the bottom of [...]