PVC Cards Printing Services in Pakistan

PVC cards are a relatively durable marketing material that helps carry your brand to new and existing customers in a high quality, glossy format.

If you want to produce something that customers will hang onto for longer, PVC is a better choice than flimsy, cheap-looking paper. It’s also a much more professional marketing material compared to paper printing.

The main advantage of PVC cards is the way they can display really crisp colorful images that enhance your brand and message to your audience.

We offer PVC cards in a range of sizes!

Just discuss your requirements with our team and we’ll find a way to work within your budget to produce a show-stopping design. If color isn’t essential to your requirements, we can also offer PVC card printing in monochrome (black and white). This offers the same high quality finish but at a cheaper price than color ink printing.

We offer Bureau services where we provide personalized services for all your PVC card requirements which include the following:

  • Staff ID Cards
  • Visitor Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Discount Cards
  • Student ID Cards
  • Hospital Cards
  • Conferences & Exhibitions Cards
  • Discount Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • University Cards
  • College Cards
  • School Cards, and much more!

Purpose of a PVC Cards

PVC cards, broadly known as plastic cards, require printers other than the traditional consumer-grade inkjet or laser printers, because of their smooth surface. Thermal transfer is the process that is specific to plastic cards.

You would have heard of PVC cards referred to as plastic cards – the name means the same thing. These cards have a smooth, shiny finish that communicates quality and displays color well, especially if you’re using images that need rendering in a crisp display. These cards are moderately resistant to wear and tear so they work better than paper materials when it comes to durability and resistance to moisture, tears and spills.

PVC cards are made using a process known as thermal transfer. This is a particularly good way of applying color to the finished surface, so PVC cards are a good way to render your brand and visual identity in an attractive and clear format.

Our approach towards your PVC Cards Printing 

There are a range of finishes that can be produced in PVC format. This includes several options for high gloss or matte style finishes. We offer different weights of card. It’s best to consider what brand values you wish to communicate and the likely environment and use of the cards you plan to produce.

  • Our team can always give recommendations based on what you are trying to achieve.
  • Customers value the quick turnaround times we are able to offer on PVC card printing. TNH Printer is highly competitive on price, and we work to your budget to ensure you get the best possible quality that you can afford.
  • Speak to us for a quote based on your business needs; you’ll be surprised by what we can help your business achieve with our high quality printing services at competitive prices.
  • We take great pride in our ability to deliver the best service and value for virtually any application. Our diverse customer base stretches from schools and small businesses, to membership clubs, government agencies, large corporate clients, clinics and hospitals and more.

Thus, it is a trusted source and final destination for secure printing without loss of business information.

How the Printing Process is carried out

This process applies a colored layer from a ribbon onto the flat, plastic surface. This transfer is performed by a thermal print head that increases the temperature of the ribbon’s color layer.

We offer both monochrome and color printing.

For color printing, this layer turns into gas and reverts to its solid state on the superficial layer of the plastic card. This process is called sublimation.

Monochrome Printing

Monochrome printing uses a single color. This is a very cost-effective process for personalizing pre-printed cards. It stands as the ideal solution for cards that do not require color personal elements such as a picture.

Color Printing

We offer professional printing with the superimposition of the 3 primary colors (yellow, magenta and cyan) to add more depth and crispness to an image. This process makes it possible to optimize the quality of printed images and logos with a 300 DPI resolution that guarantees expert presentation.

What makes us different?

We take great pride in our ability to deliver the best printing and designing services for our clients that are completely assured of satisfaction. Our diverse customer base stretches from schools and small businesses, to membership clubs, government agencies, large corporate clients, clinics and hospitals and more.

Our card printers support not only graphic quality color printing and laminating but also all kinds of encodings such as magnetic stripe and contact and contact-less smart cards. These printers are used for all kinds of cards like employee badges, student IDs, payment cards, access control cards, leisure membership cards and customer loyalty cards etc.

Thus, we aim at making plastic card printing widely available and affordable by offering simple, on-demand and customized printing solutions that bring quality to the largest scope of business users.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

You can rely on us in order to avail any kind of PVC card printing service at economical costs and timely delivery. Normally we deliver within 3 working days. However, if you want the cards on urgent basis, then we can help you out too. We also deliver within 24 hours if you need them urgently, because we value our clients and your satisfaction is our basic priority and aim!